Welcome to my constantly work-in-progress, wiggly little piece of the interwebs.

This site is mainly meant as a location to coalesce my various projects and perhaps provide those curious with an insight into the mind of Richard Moore.

Random Interests — bitcoin (and ilk), game development, snowboarding, hackathons, foosball, robotics, embedded systems, slime moulds, languages (natural and otherwise), coding, penguins, et al.

Apps & Games

Mushrooms Dream

Welcome to the world where all good mushrooms come to dream.

Match 4 spores' colors and clear the board in single-player mode or head-to-head with a friend.

Search the AppleTV Store today!


The Garlic Vampire has stolen all the flavors from the Mochi-verse!

Help rescue the mochi by popping their bubble jails and return all the flavors of the land.

lol wing

One of the first space shooters on the App Store, written from scratch in OpenGL.

Help Captain defeat Katz in 5 levels with over 55 waves of enemies, each with their own attack strategy and a unique boss for each level.

Drinks and Cocktails

Quick and simple access to hundreds of drink recipes at the spin of a dial, with over 2 million downloads.

Escape Pirate Manor

A text-less, text-based adventure game inspired by Zork and Maniac Mansion, designed and built during a 48 hour coding jam.

Flag Atlas

Entirely offline world atlas with all country flags and wikipedia articles with advanced search capabilities, in a 12Mb binary.


Compare and graph popularity of names over time, based on US social security data collected since 1880.

Aether Bottle

A text app akin to a living fortune cookie, sending and receiving messages to and from complete strangers.

My Book

Paper Pong

A procedurally generated paperback book, pitting your choose-your-own-adventure skills in an epic battle of Pong.

Available to "read" online for free, download the source code or purchase on Amazon.com for your coffee table.



Featurd on c|net, Wired and EGM, this classic abomination mashes the minutia of the infocom Zork user interface with exhilaration of Pac-Man.


A KickStarter campaign to release the engine from Escape Pirate Manor and an editor with an open content catalog. Unsuccessfully funded at 1%, but I learned a lot. :)


A web-comic I worked on for a while back in the day, geared toward nerds.


An early online Japanese dictionary, with spell check, auto-encoding detection and (at the time) novel AJAX-based UI.

Genetic Mistakes Inc.

My iOS development firm's website, information and portfolio of iOS Applications.

Open Source Goodies


A pure-Python implementation of a full node for the Bitcoin crypto-currency and any related coins.


JavaScript implementation and libraries for a Bitcoin full node (and related coins, including merge-mined Dogecoin and Namecoin).


JavaScript library for the AES block cipher algorithm and all common modes of operation, for both web browsers and node.js .


Python library for the AES block cipher algorithm and all common modes of operation.


Python library for the scrypt Password-Based Key Derivation Function (PBKDF) and scrypt file format.


Objective-C library for elliptic curve cryptography functions for the digital signing algorithm (ECDSA) and Diffie-Hellman key exchange (ECDH).


JavaScript promise utility to throttle resource hungry functions, while providing promise semantics.

A Sneak Peek of Things to Come

Amoeba Core

Still very much in the design and proof-of-concept stage, the plan is to create a feedback interaction loop between an amoeba and the computer training it to perform simple tasks.

Imagine the raw power of using a biological system to sum very small numbers! And get the correct answer occasionally…